21k on the Garraf Coast - .

21k on the Garraf Coast

14 January, 2019. 14 Enero, 2019.

Patchy cloud on a winter's morning on the Garraf coastline. Warming up in tracksuits, debating t-shirts or vest or both. Those in the know, know the winter sun, when there is no wind, warms the cockles more than enough for minimal clothing for a run.

Especially a fast fun. A fast 21km, starting on the esplanade of Sitges, then wending it's way through the urban streets of the town. A strange mix of a course; the picture postcard to one-way streets past neighbours front fences. A flat course, but plenty of twists and turns.

Over 4000 runners worked off the chocolate from Los Reyes Magos. Though Josep Arnal and Gisela Carrion, winners of the men's and women's halfs, fairly whipped around, in an hour and 8 and 18 respectively. 

The Magic King and Queen of the Mitja Sitges 2019. 

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