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I'm a story teller.

I live in Barcelona, but long, long ago (I've just nudged to the good side of 40 years) I learnt the basics of photography on film cameras, photographing my dad at running events in Yorkshire and across northern England. From 5 or 6 years old I was making mistakes, seeing them all on film and learning from them. It taught me the value of each shot. I still never delete a shot when I shoot digital, I try and think before rattling off frames.

Since those innocent days, I've become a professionally trained (Photography Studies College, Melbournephotographer and photojournalist. In a life between I have been a project manager in industry, lived in four continents and learning priceless organisational skills for photographic projects. Thankfully, now I am doing what I was born to do; make photographs.

A story teller as I say; for me it's about documenting emotions. It's about photographing I want to take the viewer into the moment where I shot the frame. A windswept mountain side - I want you to feel that thrill, that exhilaration. A speciality café - I want you to sense that sweet, nutty coffee. A corporate office shoot - you should feel the organised professionalism in action. And if it's a wedding, you should feel all the emotions of love, nerves, excitement, relief, fun and celebration across the whole day and into the night. All my clients and friends, at the end of the day, want the same thing. To convey the feelings to the viewer - their clients, or their friends.

So, I am a documentary photographer, documenting life and the events that we undertake in life. Trying to create art in my documentary work.

I live in Barcelona, but roam where needed and where the urge takes me.

Thanks for visiting. Drop me a line; ian@themusette.cc

I also shoot rather a lot of cycling photography. So much so, and such a interesting breed us cyclists are, that I have a separate site for that creative arm. If that takes your fancy, www.themusette.cc

Thanks again.

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