Rocket Espresso with Sommet Cycling


Milan with Sommet Cycling and a visit to Rocket Espresso.

Nicky and Andrew (and son Felix) are a family who choose the risk, to chase the dream and moved to Italy and built Rocket Espresso from the ashes of ECM espresso company. Read more about it on Sommet’s Journal and see even more images therein.

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African Rooftops

Rooftops, to me, are still exotic. Mediterranean, or even African sensations. The remind me of living in Uganda. The more rustic the better. Too polished and they’re like a try hard London or Melbourne bar.

A shared rooftop on the coast of Catalonia.


Aeropress Photography Training


It had been far too long since we all had coffee and cake.

Since moving to the coast, I’ve been lucky to have good friends come, visit and hopefully enjoy escaping the city. But I hadn’t seen this fella for far too long even before the move. Largely my fault of laziness and always something going on on the weekends.


More than just the Ride

Cycling is more than just flying up and down hills and chasing fitness and form. It’s about coffee, connecting with friends and sharing stories and ideas. A moveable social club, with the clubhouse in whoever’s or at whatever house or cafe or carpark you they start and finish.


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